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Lori Strantz, Owner and Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Access Bars Practitioner, provides all massage and bodywork services. Services are available one after the other for multiple clients. For services at the same time, check-out the services for two in the Combo Services section. Sorry, COUPLES MASSAGES or massages at the same time are NOT available.


THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE  30 Min. $50    60 Min. $75    90 Min. $100

A relaxing massage using light to firm pressure that will loosen tight muscles, increase circulation, boost immune system, help in the removal of toxins and improve overall skin and muscle tone.

PRENATAL MASSAGE   30 Min. $50    60 Min. $75    90 Min. $100

Massage for expectant moms after the first trimester. A light, relaxing massage to help ease pain and provide comfort during pregnancy. Massage can be done in a side-lying position.


This ultimate massage starts with an application of a detoxifying massage creme with a blend of essential oils of rosemary, burdock, echinacea, lemon, figwart, eucalyptus, orange, watercress, and geranium. To begin the detoxifying process, you will lay to rest for approximately 20-minutes while enjoying a relaxing massage of the face. This service then concludes with a one-hour full-body massage.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE:   30 Min. $55    60 Min. $80    90 Min. $105

Select your aromatic essence blend:

RELAXING: lavender, calendula, rosewood, orange, hops, cinnamon, blue malva, and evening primrose.

UPLIFTING: verbena, grapefruit, lemongrass, orange, bergamot, and rosewood.

FACIAL MASSAGE   60 Min. $80

This revitalizing and therapeutic facial massage is the ultimate in relaxation. Using doTERRA CPTG Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils and state-of-the-art ingredients, this service provides you with optimal balance and nourishment for your mind, body and soul. Using all-natural products and essential oil blend for a relaxing massage of the face, arms, hands, neck, shoulders and feet. An herbal steam treatment with hot towels is used to relieve sinus congestion and remove tension from the upper body. This treatment creates deep relaxation in your body and mind, and leaves your energy more balanced.



This wonderful energy balancing therapy is like an assisted meditation service. Done fully clothed, while lying on the massage table, Lori will work with energy points of your head. A Bar of energy is created when points on the head are touched in a sequence, allowing a release of stress, worry and irritations of the central nervous system. This service is extremely beneficial for individuals who struggle with clearing the mind and practicing meditation on their own; those living in a fast-paced life and struggle with detaching from daily stress. Access Bars sessions improve physical health and psychological functioning. It provides a deeper relaxation in the brain that naturally aligns your inner self, opening you up to healing. You will notice clearer thinking, better sleep, greater intuitive abilities and more energy to create a life you desire.

FAR INFRARED & JADE HEALING THERAPY   30 Min. $25  60 Min. $55

This amazing therapy will help melt away pain and stress. While lying on rows of polished jade stones, the far infrared heat penetrates the body up to three inches giving you deep relief. This Eastern medicinal therapy helps to strengthen the body's filtration and cleansing systems and assists in the removal of toxins, improves blood circulation, enhances immune system, improves flexibility, relieves pain associated with arthritis, back & neck pain, fibromyalgia, and much more. This therapy is done fully clothed and is the perfect addition to a therapeutic massage.


THERAPEUTIC RETREAT FOR TWO  2 hours $130-$135 total package (depending on choice of services)

Each of you will receive any relaxing one-hour massage or bodywork service of your choice.

RELAXATION-FOR-TWO    Approx. 2 hours $260-$270 total package for two (depending on choice of services)

Each of you will receive any relaxing one-hour massage or bodywork service of your choice, and a stress-relieving one-hour Far Infrared & Jade Healing Therapy.


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