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Clinical Somatic Education

DO YOU HAVE: back pain, headaches, sciatica, TMJ, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, knee and hip pain, neck and shoulder pain, muscular tension that won’t go away? Or do you have decreased flexibility, arthritis, bursitis, leg pain, your body feels creaky, achy, extremely tight, or parts of your body feel “frozen”. Your issue may be Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).

WHAT IS SENSORY MOTOR AMNESIA? Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) is a condition where muscles become habitually tight in response to accidents, injuries, surgeries, repetitive use, or on-going stress. SMA causes muscular pain, stiff joints, poor balance and coordination. Individuals who are affected with SMA lose the ability to release and relax muscles and move freely. These muscles become fatigued, weak and sore from constant contraction.

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? SMA occurs at the brain level or Central Nervous System (CNS). Just as our brain teaches us to read, write, walk, it can also teach us to have rounded and tight shoulders and an achy back. We adapt to our habits such as life stresses, long hours working on a computer or recovering from accidents, and the result is habituated muscular contraction. Our brain and muscles “forget” to learn how to relax. Our “normal” is overly contracted muscles.

THE GOOD NEWS: SMA can be reversed! Clinical Somatic Education reverses the effects of SMA by doing easy, pain free movements. During private sessions, classes and workshops, Lori will teach you techniques to retrain the nervous system and the hold it has over your muscles. Pain is reduced or eliminated sometimes during the first session. All movements are easy, slow movements for all ages and fitness levels and designed to be normal, everyday movements.

YOU WILL ALSO LEARN: to increase your internal body awareness as you retrain your brain’s control of your muscles as they move. This leads to improved posture, balance, coordination, flexibility and breathing while eliminating muscular pain and dysfunction.

DURING A CLINICAL SOMATIC EDUCATION PRIVATE SESSION, you will learn to recognize which muscles are involved in your patterns of muscular dysfunction during a postural assessment. Then using specific, gentle movements and techniques, you will learn to relax the involved muscles. You will learn to regain voluntary control of muscles and create balanced, healthy function. Lori will teach you self-care movements to do at home that can be done anytime, anywhere and are the KEY to keeping you pain free for the long-term.  

DURING CLASSES & WORKSHOPS: You will learn a series of easy, slow moving and gentle exercises to improve control of muscles and increase internal awareness while relaxing tight, sore and painful muscles so that you are able to move more freely and without pain during everyday life. You will learn to retrain your brain to restore muscle function and length, without painful or forceful stretching. Classes and workshops are great for anyone at any activity level and help to prevent and reduce injury.


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  • Initial Private Session 90-Minutes: $125
  • Followup Private Session 60-Minutes: $85
  • Customized Group Workshops or Classes: Please Call Lori for a Quote


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